Marble Wedding Cake

This stunning 5 tier wedding cake was adorned with edible silver leaf and handmade sugar peonies. Three of the tiers were real sponge cake and two of the tiers were fake/polystyrene cakes. We very subtly changed the hue of the marble colour from being a light coloured marble at the top and deepening in colour toward the base tier. We tailor make your wedding cake to your requirements which is what makes us so special. Here is what our bride had to say about her cake:-

We just wanted to say a big thank you for the amazing cake you provided for us on our wedding day. It was delicious! We managed to taste all three layers despite the cake being pretty much finished by the end of the evening!! We received so much positive feedback about the cake – a few said it looked so perfect, like a sculpture! The marbling was excellent and those sugar peonies – perfectly crafted. So again, thank you SO much.